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I have a file that I can’t seem to get clean lines on. Just wondering if there is any other software that people use to create a clean line vector.

here is the image

I resized it to 4x the pixel size then used CC’s image tracing feature, it seems to provide a decent result?

SVG file

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I didn’t think about making it bigger. That works a lot better


When you say resized it. Do you mean the zoom in the right corner? ß

No I meant I opened the file in an image editor, and declared it to be 2x wider and 2x taller, saved the resulting image that has 4 times more pixels (the image editor will interpolate data to fill in the gaps). Of course it does not add any information, the resolution of the lines is still as good/bad as the original files, but it gives more pixels to the image tracing algorithm to work from.

Can’t remember where I picked up this trick from, could have been one of @KevBarn14 or @wmoy’s videos.

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I may have to do some manual editing on the eye flowers. I can’t seem to get those clean

Yeah the original bitmap is just too low resolution for the algorithm to pick up those fine details inside the eyes/flowers, manual touch up seems unavoidable

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I use Inkscape to create Vector files from graphics.

In my experience, touchups are inevitable when trying to exactly replicate a small image. I ask for the .eps / .ai / .svg file from the logo owner if an exact match is needed.

Alternatively I remind myself that I’m the one who decides if something looks “right” or not. Or “how” something should look and make alterations I feel enhance the trace.

Either way, tracing a smaller file presents some unique challenges.


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