Vectors from sheet music

Anyone have any experience turning sheet music into vectors for v-carving?

Backstory: So I’m pretty comfortable with Carbide Create and Vcarve, but I’m having trouble turning sheet music and music notes into something that is ready for carving. I’m building a cabinet for my wife to display her vinyl record collection and a key piece on the front is going to be carved with the notes from her favorite song. Trying to import the notes as a bitmap and then doing a standard vector trace is not working very well, mainly due to the thin lines that make up the music staff. Any suggestions?

When auto-tracing doesn’t work out, best just re-draw / re-create.

Might be easiest to reset the music using a tool such as Lillypond, then make a .pdf then convert the .pdf into paths in Inkscape, union them, then save as .svg


Thanks @WillAdams. I will try Lillypond later tonight but it looks very promising. I figured the same; that I would most likely have to reproduce the music notes first, but as a non-musician, I wasn’t sure where to start.

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You could also get on and pay someone to vector trace it for you. You can find folks that do great work with fast turnaround for very little outlay. Good luck!

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Well, I will leave this post up but the problem is OBE (Overcome By Events) at this point. I tried to use Lillypad to recreate the notes in question, but there is one slight problem: I don’t know the first thing about how to read piano sheet music. So…I started down the path of teaching myself how to read the notes (since Lillypad wants the notes in a text-based input format). The things we do for marriage, eh? After discussing it further with the customer (aka my wife) she decided against the idea and we are going a different way. Thankfully, since it would be a difficult task to learn how to read piano notes for a guy that doesn’t play a piano.
I’m going with a decorative carving instead.