Vectorworks/Inkscape DXF/SVG Fails to Import

Hi All,

I’ve created a very simple oval in Vectorworks (it would be nice if CC could do this!). I’ve exported it as a jpg into Inkscape (if anyone knows how to import a DXF into Inkscape, I’m all ears. I’ve tried it several times using the 2004 DXF Export function in VW, but Inkscape never imports it. Just get a blank screen). Anyway, after I’ve imported this jpg into Inkscape and exported it as an SVG file, CC does nothing upon import. I’ve reset my view as some have suggested the file might be too large to see, but that doesn’t seem to help either.

Does anyone have any direct experience getting things from Vectorworks to CC?



did you actually trace the bitmap into a vector in inkscape?
(but eh you’re going from vector to bitmap to vector… there ought to be a better way)

Carbide Create can either make, or resize to ovals just fine:

or, draw a circle and then asymmetrically resize it using the drag handles:

For the DXF from Vectorworks, please post the file or send it in to us at and we’ll do our best to work through this with you.

When I first started to use Inkscape to create SVG files from pixel files someone on the forum sent me these instructions:

How to create SVG in Inscape

Open your image in Inkscape – SELECT IT (I was not selecting the image and got no export)
Click Path – Trace Bitmap – this will open a Trace Bitmap window
Click ‘Update’ to be sure image looks OK – then click OK and close window
You will now have 2 images - the top one is the traced image, move that one aside, select the bottom one and delete (I never get two images only one)
Be sure your new image is selected – click File – Save As - Choose type as Plain SVG – hit Save

You will now have an SVG file that “should” open just fine in Carbide Create


Try this:

Select the oval in Inkscape
Click Path - Object to Path

This will turn the “Oval” object into a vector.

Then save and open in CC.

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I figured out how to do it. In the export functions menu in Vectorworks, I chose DXF (Binary) 2005 as the export method. This allowed inkscape to see the file and import it. Once there, I exported it as an SVG and got it into CC. There is a dizzying array of DXF export functions in Vectorworks.

Thanks for all your suggestions!


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