Vectric Aspire Help with 3D Model (or MeshCam)

Hey guys -

I’ve modelled a tele body as a test project in Rhino 3D.
My goal is to import it into Aspire (or Meshcam Pro) and mill it.

I realize I can just bring in the 2D elements and generate the toolpaths, but I’d like to try my hand at generating code from a completed model (if this is possible).

Here is my initial setup:

The problem I’m running into in Aspire is then when I import the model and attempt to run a roughing toolpath, I receive the following error:

I’m curious if this is being thrown because the neck pocket and string holes are smaller than the.25 EM I’m using for the roughing pass. If so, is there a way to ignore those for the rouging / finishing passes?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve attempted this in MeshCam as well but I’m not sure how to isolate items / don’t really understand how MeshCam works.


I’m not sure what’s going on here. There are a lot of settings in Aspire to get the model set up correctly prior to creating the toolpaths. Maybe double-check the vertical position of the model in the material block.

Also, the 3D roughing pass doesn’t care about features smaller than your .25 EM can get into. It will just do as much as it can, and the rest will be taken care in the 3D finishing path.

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Good to know RE the roughing pass ignoring smaller objects. I’m at a loss as to why it’s not creating the toolpath. I’ve been referencing this video (at leas the start) and all looks to be the same:

Thanks for your reply.

As @rowiac said, maybe if you leave an onion skin or even do a bit more than half then do the other side by moving the model in the material as you probably have to mill it two-sided. Have you added a boundary to your model? It could also be an issue when trying to create toolpaths.

I watched that video, and it’s using Aspire 8. The newer versions (9 and up) have a two-sided setup option, but I don’t think that’s your problem. Which version are you using? Maybe if you could share your .STL or .crv3d file we might be able to help more.

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IF what you are trying to mill - in Aspire - are just the slots at this time you set your tool path for all of the slots, you must select each of the slots and then start your tool path. (I see 4 Slots and each will be selected and included in that first Tool Path.) Now, Select your smaller bit, like a 1/8" or 1/16" and then down lower on that same list you will see an area to select a larger Roughing Tool so make sure and check that, possibly a 1/4" bit. When that is set up and you are ready to SEE your 3D view of the tooling you will note that that your one tool path shows up as Two, the first is the roughing and the second is the finish. It is a bit complicated, I know, but once you catch on to this you can always PRACTICE through using the View tool paths in the 3D mode to watch the probable milling without ruining a good piece of wood.

Hey @rowiac and @luc.onthego - thanks for your replies. I ended up getting things to work and then got sucked into other projects and progress. Just wanted to check back to say thanks!


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