Vectric V-Carve Pro


I’m about to order a bit setter from Carbide 3D but am also thinking of graduating to Vectric software for my CAD/CAM work. Does anyone know whether the bit setter will work with Vectric products. I’d rather not spend money unnecessarily, especially as everything jhas to be shipped to remote Tasmania.

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Mervyn Mitchell

Yes, with a post processor which enables tool changes the BitSetter works fine with Vectric products.

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And your best bet is to go with @neilferreri’s tried and test post processor for VCarve, linked here.


As a V-Carve and Bitsetter owner, I honestly like not combining gcode for different bits into one file. There are a variety of reasons but some include:

  • Carve too long to do in one session
  • Fine tuning the Z height (sometimes with a VCarve inlay I will intentionally do a pass with Z offset up a bit)
  • V bits sometimes need a bit of fine tuning if their tip is very slightly flat
  • Labeling file names is clear and concise for future use

Now to be clear I still love the bitsetter, I just use the change tool button between carves. Its like 3 more clicks but still great.


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