Vectric VCarve Post Processor For Nomad 883 Pro

Okay, after my previous post today, I am considering buying Vectric VCarve. What is the correct post proccessor to use so that the gcode is able to be read by Carbide Motion? TIA!

The community has notes and a few different options at:

Hi Christy,

Before you dive into a $350 investment with V-Carve Desktop, I thought I’d throw out another option for you to consider: a free license of Fusion 360. You’re eligible for it if you run a business making less than $100,000 a year or simply just want to learn and use the program for personal use. Fusion 360 has a post processor built into it, so no added software is required to send tool paths to Carbide Motion. Check out the engrave tool path page on the Autodesk learning site to learn more and to see if Fusion 360 meets your needs. V-Carve is also a great program, especially if you want to do complex things such as v-carve style inlays, but I personally think it might be a bit overkill for simple engravings. In any case, Fusion is free under the above conditions so you can always change your mind later if you decide you want to go the v-carve route. Here’s a short video demonstrating the engrave tool path in Fusion 360:

Hope this is useful.
Cheers, Demian

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