Vee Bits for Engraving Letters/designs

Does anyone have recommendations for buying engraving bits for lettering mostly.
I tried with my normal router 90 deg Vee bit, and I was not really happy with the result.
What is a good angle(s) to have? Any really good quality suppliers?

Any really good quality suppliers?

C.M.T. Utensili - V Groove bits

These are the only ones I use and I have many clients and friends that use (swear by) them.

I’ve recommend Amana - I use some of their products myself - V Groove and have heard back that the results were good.

What is a good angle(s) to have?

I’ve done lettering with 45 and 60 degree V bits.


Some recommendations / notes here:

Thanks for the help. But permit me to focus my question a bit more in detail.
I see that there are 3 styles suggested, but I will rule out the diamond tip because it’s not the one appropriate for hard woods. So what the difference between these to styles? Just the angle?


  • shank size
  • number of flutes
  • flute shape

All of these points are discussed on the endmills page.

Okay Will, I know they look different but what is each type used for is what I’m getting. What works best for certain jobs.

The Upper photo would be for wider/deeper V-Groove cuts and chamfers with higher material removal. (Router V-Groove & Chamfer jobs)

The lower is an engraver it makes engrave-cuts usually used for 0.05"-0.020" engravings.
(Engraving jobs)