Ver build 520 and corners for bones are missing

Using 520 of the creative program in carbide and really like it for importing images, works like a charm. In trying to get dogbones, fillets or other corners in boxes, 520 seems to not do what previous versions allowed by showing the corners design, perhaps it will cut, but does not show such in the simulation. Perhaps there is a process that need to be detailed. Anybody else run into this? Using windows 10

Could you post the file you are having difficulty with?

Working here:

The problem may be your radius of the dog bone. A while back I was not seeing the dog bone and it was because I made the radius too small for the bit.

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Good point, I’ll look at this, but when I tried other forms of corners, these also failed to produce any corner design. Thanks Tom

The Berryhill family bruce and martha 3.c2d (1.9 MB)

You have them sized at 1mm:

Increasing the size should have the desired result:

Yep, the simple things get over looked an$ I missed this one . Thanks