Veritas Surfacing Jig

I bought a Veritas surfacing jig to level wood slabs. I use a Frued FT2000E 3.5 HP router to surface the lumber. I measured the base plate so I can drill the universal base that came with the Jig. My question does anyone know the spacing for the base plate screws. There are 4 symmetric holes and 3 larger triangle pattern holes. I searched the internet and on but found nothing.

If you know the hole patterns for a Frued FT2000E router please respond. The base plate is a D shape and there are 4 holes that appear to be 92MM from center to center. The triangle shape hole pattern has one hole at the round part of the D shape and 2 of the holes appear to be 112 MM center to center and the two holes on the flat side of the D appear to be 105 MM apart so the triangle is not symetrical. I want to cut the universal base on my Shapeoko XXL but want to be sure before I cut into the base material. The diameter of the base plate is 170MM if it were round but it is a D shape.

If nobody has the data, I have in the past used my Shapeoko as a makeshift CMM by using either a dowel pin or a V bit in the collet, zeroing off a feature on the target, in this case the baseplate of the router and then manually jogging to center the pin / V bit on the other key features (holes generally) and reading off the X Y coordinates on Carbide Motion.

It’s not ideal, but it’s a good start and you can cut a test piece to check alignment from there?


That is a good idea. I was using a Starrett metric ruler to measure and my calipers and am very close but I only get one chance to get this right. I am not very metric literate and use inch for most everything. Since Frued is an Italian company and the router may have been made in China the screw holes in the base are metric and metric spacing.

I went to Lowes yesterday and could not find suitable lumber for the base that Veritas recommends. So I have a little time to figure this out and get it right. I have a lot of wood to process so during the warm weather I want to get started. The Veritas uses 1.5" conduit for the sled to ride on. I had priced linear rail and similar and the cost was too much. Woodpecker’s has a $1200.00 sled which is very nice but unless you are the wood processing business it is too expensive. I bought 3 pieces of 10 foot 1.5 inch electrical conduit and that was $100.00 and I estimate $200.00 for the wood and the sled kit is $100.00 so I will already have $400.00 before I make one fleck of sawdust. I already have the base made from a previous homemade version so if I count that it is close to $500.00. Man the price of fun just keeps going up.


I have no idea what the base you’re talking about looks like but could you perhaps use a scanner or camera to make an image of it with a scale (ruler) and measure the layout digitally?


I found a Jessem router lift pdf that had a lot of common router base plate dimensions. With my own measurements I cut a piece of maple plywood the same size as the original from Veritas. I worked up the Veritas holes and for my Frued FT2000E. Went to Ace hardware and they had one Porter Cable 7518 3.25 Hp router so I bought it. PC quit making routers and I could not find any 890 models anywhere. The Frued can be unreliable and hard to get parts. I have a lot of wood to process so I made the Veritas base fit both routers. The Frued is a plunge base and the PC is a fixed. For surfacing the PC will work just fine. Here are some pics with the replicated base and both routers attached.

The Veritas base is baltic ply. Not sure if I will use my base or cut the Veritas. My ply is is just cabinet grade maple.

The more I use my Shapeoko the more useful it becomes.