Version control and network shares

Up 'til now I have been doing my designs in a Dropbox sub-folder on my main computer then using the same files on my shop computer. Generally this works but there have been cases where the files don’t get updated in the time it takes to walk to the shop (probably due to network hiccups). I also have forgotten to “Save” before walking away. I am considering switching to a network share on a NAS.

I also save old versions of designs with date and time in their names. I want to switch to a version control mechanism to clean this up. [git, svn, cvs, rcs, sccs, yes, I have used them all when I was a developer].

I googled the subject of git on a network share and it sounds like there are issues with SMB (“Windows”) shares. Has anyone else used this kind of setup? Any issues? Any way to keep from corrupting the files? Has anyone used NFS?

Also, do Carbide Create and Carbide Motion use file locking semantics? If they do and the sharing mechanism supports it, this would keep me from accidentally opening the file in the shop while it is still open in the office.