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Ok, I may be missing something looking for any latest versions of both CC and CM. I seem to never know what version is the latest. Maybe adding a tab somewhere at the top to show the latest version of both with links to take us to the download page to get the update. I work so hard outside the shop doing home remodeling and repairs that I dont always have time to get on the community site here to surf every topic that has been added.

I try to keep myself updated on everything, but just being off the computer for a few days can add many new topic posts, and a lot of added comments to other posts. It would be nice to be able to come to the community here and see at the top the latest version posted for both and to know if we are updated or need to update.

Just a suggestion. I’m still trying to figure out what the latest versions are at this point.

In Carbide Create you can see what level your at. Then click the help button to check for updates.
That will take you to the download page.


The latest version exists in two forms:

  • current stable — this will be at:

(currently build 777 for Carbide Create and 636 for Carbide Motion)

  • beta — if there is a version currently in beta testing it will be at:

(currently there isn’t a beta for Carbide Create, while Carbide Motion build 639 is in beta testing)

As @Woodcrafter notes, the version numbers are displayed in the UI, and there is a “Check for updates” menu entry in more recent versions.

New versions are announced here or on the blog:

While it’s nice to stay up-to-date, many of our customers just stay with whatever version they first downloaded after getting their machine (until they need to update for some reason or other).

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I have been following a lot of the changes in CC over the past few months and the updates have been both bad and good. I saw updates come in with issues. Then another update to fix that issue. Then when the simulation mode was added, many updates went into that program fixing and changing many things. I like the added tools and ideas to the newer versions.

I just dont know why I didnt think of the help tab in CC to check for updates. Sometimes, just the simplest things like that escape me. Most of my problem is that I get on my computer to do more things when Im out of town during my downtime during work. Like today it is raining and I have been working on the roof of a home and the rain stops me today. So, here I am scrolling through topics and posts to see what I might have missed these past few days that I havent been on.

Thanks for the updates and posted links to help.

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@WillAdams I had downloaded CC v7 777 in beta. Now that CC v7 777 is in stable do I need to reload after downloading the “stable” version or is the beta 777 the same?

Build number does not change when a version moves from beta to stable, so you are good to go.

Thanks for the reply.