Very impressed!

To Will and the Carbide 3D team - I’d like to express how happy I am with the support on and off this forum. The speed of responses is so damn good - I haven’t yet been stuck with an issue for more than a couple of hours. I feel like you genuinely care about assisting your customers make the most of their machines.

So Thank You very much.

Also, a big thank you to other experienced users of the forum who help out a lot too!


Great to hear! Realising that while these machines are amazing value and can create incredible things, they do take a bit of dialling in and setting up is pretty key, and does cause some people frustration. I have also had excellent help from the carbide3d team, Jorge especially. Best customer service I have experienced ever, from any company.

Just wish they had an option with a bigger workspace! I’d put money down now if they made a 48x48 CNC router parts type machine!


I’ve also received outstanding service and support.

And I purchased my unit USED.

The company is fantastic, and I’ve recommended their products to numerous people based on the quality not only of the product, but the company standing behind it.


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