Very small V Carve Stars

I have been asked to make an U.S. flag with the Army logo on it. I have the design complete, but I have a question I am hoping someone out there with more experience than I can answer. I have attached my file so you can take a look at what I am talking about.

When you look at the top center of the logo you will see there are 13 very small stars. They are contained in an area about 1.09 x 1.25 inches. The depth of cut is set at .1 inches. When I run the simulation it all looks just fine, but I am a bit leary as to how accurate the simulation is. I am fearful that I may wind up with a number of stars so close together at .1 inches that in the end I will have one big hole and a ruined work piece rather than 13 stars. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

Thanks in advance

Standard Army Flag made from 13 inch Wide White Pine.c2d (1.4 MB)

I would suggest making a test cut of the stars in a piece of scrap and adjusting as need be.

One thing I have done for this sort of delicate work is to separate out the troublesome details and put them in a separate G-Code file, then cheat the Z-axis higher a bit, cut it, adjust down, and iterate until the cut is made as desired (usually at the height it should have been cut at to begin with).

Will: I have isolated the small stars as you suggest. I’ll give your suggestion a shot.


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I have the same basic logo for the stars
302 V 60° Bit, Depth 0.109
0.9175 x 1.001
Everything turned out fine and as Will mentioned it has it’s GCode
Hope that helps.

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On my Shapeoko, I do as Will suggests, I start high, and creep down when fleshing out a new logo, font, or vector scale. I program a minimal acceptable final doc, zero to stock top, and run. If this is not satisfactory, I offset the work z incrementally until I have a satisfactory balance of depth and appearance. Moving forward, I adjust the program for the correct offset. Maybe I initially programed for .005", and I arrived at .008", I’ll correct the file for future operations.

My marking work is tiny, and I typically limited to sub .01" final doc. I always use a separate file for such work.

When I am initially coming up with a marking layout, I find it helpful to do a quick sketch of my cutter in CAD. This allows you to easily calculate total WOC for any given DOC. Say you are using a 60 degree, with a perfect point on the end(unlikely, I typically use a .01" tip), you’d have something like a .115" WOC at your mentioned .1" DOC. Draw a circle and drag it around on your vectors.

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Thanks for sharing your experience, it’s most helpful.

Blessings to you,

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Thanks for sharing. I am about 10 minutes from going out to my workshop to do just as you and Will suggest.