Vevor 1.5k water cooled spindle - Will it fits?

Hey there guys,

As per my other topic here you already found out I am a big noob in need of help.
Finally my Shapeopko Pro XXL arrive in Germany and I am on the lookout for a spindle.

Requirements should be the low noise level and of course it being able to fit on the Shapeoko. Will mostly cut wood, aluminium, acrylic and hopefully someday foam for some neat organizing drawers. Also a dust shoe would be really really nice to have.

So here my questions for this product to the experts:
Vevor 1.5k water-cooled

Will it fit the mount that comes with the Shapeoko?
Will the 0V-10V signal work with Shapeopko and is there some help on how to connect it to it? Or do I need to buy the offered package that comes with the DollaTek PWM rotation module offered by Amazon?
13 piece collet set that is offered is a must buy I think.

Of course it comes with the added problem of having to build a little water reservoir with a pump. But no biggy there.

Any hints that push me in the right direction in my research would be helpful. Been binging a lot of YouTube’s till the early 4am and couldn’t find a solution for what spindle i should buy.


Hi @Moya,

Yes, the standard mount is 65mm in diameter which matches the diameter of that spindle you selected.

if that VFD only takes 0-10V as an analog input, you will need an adapter since the Shapeoko controller outputs 0-5V PWW. So you will likely need something like this. Do check the VFD manual though, some of them allow to tune the input range to 0-5V by configuring a setting.

Yes, you’ll need those, make sure the set includes 1/4", 1/8", and ideally 6mm (since your in Europe and chances are you will end up buying metric endmills too)

Yeah, many of us started with a random bucket and aquarium pump, it kinda works. If you want to go to something a little better you could consider a CW-3000 chiller (clone)

Seems like the setting PD070 will help here, VFD parameters

Seems like the 1.5k Vevor doesn’t take ER20 sadly. Oh well gotta die one death and plane with an endmill for example.

Will have a look into that. Thanks for the hint.


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