VFD displayed RPMs

Good morning. Just got my Shapeoko 5 pro 2x4 setup and it is running well. I’m especially enjoying the VFD spindle from Carbide 3d.

One question though. When I set my tool speeds in CC the VFD always reads about 2k RPM lower than what I set. For example, on a #201 tool the speed is set to 18k RPM, but when the VFD turns on it reads about 16k RPM.

Do I need to raise my speeds in CC to account for this? Or is this just a display issue with the VFD? Which speed is accurate?

I also have this! Would like to know what the problem and solution is. When you’re learning, it’s not helpful to have this sort of problem.

I’m not sure about carbides spindles.

But on my hy vfd that I’ve had for a couple years there’s a setting that you can change the hz vs the input voltage from the router controller.

Basically pick your most used rpm. And you adjust the vfd settings until it shows the rpm that you want.m, by doing this you are also changing the spindle speed as it’s driven by the frequency of the inverter.

Interesting. I guess at this point I’ll open up a support thicket to see if this is normal. I thought someone for Carbide 3d would have chimed in here.

They’re probably figure if they chimed in, it would probably open up a can of worms they don’t want to deal with.

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