VFD Error with Huanyang HY02D223B and GDZ-80-2.2A spindle

Hello, I’m a new user but have been reading this community site for the last month. Find the knowledge and helpfulness of everyone on this site amazing. I’ll try to make the back story on my situation as short as possible:

About a year ago I was visiting a professional woodworking friend that had a Shapeoko XXL with the water cooled spindle. He told me that his family was relocating from Minnesota to Florida. I jokingly said “so you probably don’t want to move your CNC and rather give a friend a great deal”. You can guess the rest. I ended up with his machine but nowhere to put it. So over the last year I’ve…

  • Built a small building to house the machine.
  • Added electricity, heat and AC to the building.
  • Built a solid table for the machine.
  • Installed computers for both design and control of the machine.

Now all I need to do is get the machine working. This has proven to be a little more complicated than I anticipated due to the fact that when my friend had to break down the machine for moving he was under a time constraint and cut wires assuming I would figure it all out. This was compounded by the fact that even though he is an incredible craftsman creating things with wood he had a habit of “bodging”" things together with electric tape and hot glue. I’m the opposite. Very OCD. So now the machine is all cleaned up and I have a good understanding of how everything works in large part due to the various topics I’ve read on this site. This week I got the power to the spindle and water pump and turned it on for the first time. Was excited to see it turning. Looked over at the VFD and saw the RPM number climbing. When it gets above 700 it starts throwing a code and eventually stops with a
EoAA. I’ve checked the ground and ensured I have continuity between the VFD and the spindle connector. The VFD values I used are listed below. Any advice on how to track this down would be received with gratitude.


  • Factory Reset

    • Pd013 = 8
  • Source of Run Commands

    • Pd001 - 0
  • Source of operating Frequency

    • Pd002 = 0
  • Max operating Frequency

    • Pd005 = 400
  • Main Frequency (cannot do this unless set Max operating Frequency first pd005)

    • Pd003 = 400
  • Base Frequency (change the Max operating Frequency first Pd005)

    • Pd004 = 400
  • Min Frequency

    • Pd007 = 0.50
  • Max Voltage

    • Pd008 = 220
  • Intermediate Frequency

    • Pd009 = 15
  • Min Voltage

    • Pd010 = 8.0
  • Frequency Lower Limits

    • Pd011 = 133.33
  • Acceleration Time 1

    • Pd014 = 10
  • Deceleration Time 1

    • Pd015 = 10
  • Starting Mode

    • Pd025 = 0
  • Starting Frequency

    • Pd027 = 0.80
  • Rated Motor Voltage

    • Pd141 = 220
  • Rated Motor Current

    • 2.2KW: Pd142 = 9
  • Motor Poles

    • Pd143 = 2
  • Rated Motor Revolutions

    • Pd144= 3600

Out for of curiosity I checked the user manual and I don’t see that specific error code EoAA but the E.x.x.x codes don’t look good…

Maybe check the resistance between and within each of the U, V and W phases, to make sure you don’t have a semi-shorted one. Infinite resistance between UVW and about a few ohms between each and GND

Eoaa is an overload error.

Are you running the VFD of a 220Volt 16A, or more, circuit?

Yes. I was told to run it off a 220v 30amp circuit. It’s a dedicated circuit just for the VFD.

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Thanks for the response Julien. I’ll check the connections tonight. The code that it’s throwing while it’s ramping up is AoA. Once these have popped up a set number of times it shuts down. I wouldn’t mind rewiring the spindle. Is there a source for parts ie. a new cable?
Am I reading the error correctly?



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Just to verify. When running on 220v in the US what terminals should the red and black wires be connected to on the VFD?

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I’m not in the land of the free, but usually it is input power on R & T, and ground of course.

That is how it’s wired with the green going to E. I’m going to run another 220 outlet and take the wires directly to the VFD to ensure it’s nothing in my switch. I wasn’t happy with the appliance outlet the home center sold me anyway. I have a 3 prong twist that I see other people using. I’ll wire it up over the weekend. Where are you located?

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When I disconnect the cable from the spindle and test the UVW with each other I get 0. I also get 0 to ground. When I hook up the coupler to the top of the spindle I get 0 to ground from UVW but get about 4 ohms between each of the three.

Also, I don’t have any instructions for the sequence to turning on the VFD. Do I simply press run? When I do this it starts at around 500 rpm and starts ramping up. I noticed that the pot doesn’t do anything.

I have a question on the proximity switches. Should I start a new topic for this?

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I am in Norway, Europe.

That’s pretty close to what I got when I tested mine, I had 3.3Ohms phase to phase across the spindle so you seem OK.

That’s how mine works, Run and it spins up. If your pot isn’t doing anything check the settings as there are several control options
PD070=0 (10v)
PD002=1 (analog pot)

Can someone tell me what their PD142 value is? I think that may be my issue. I have two versions of the VFD manual and the one I originally used had me set it to 9 for 2.2kw. I increased this number and my rpms went up. My other manual just says “Rated Motor Value”. So if its 2.2kw what should I enter?

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What does the writing on the spindle body say regarding max amperage?
I dumped all my VFD params here and 142 is set to 10 (amps) in the case of my 2.2kW spindle

Here’s my spindle info…

This doesn’t agree with the spec sheet…

I take it my value should be 8 then.

Yep, spec says 8 Amps and that’s consistent with other 2.2kW 220V spindles.

The error EoAA seems to be an output over-current alarm based on this

Although I would not be surprised if it also means ‘input low-volt’ and is a general overload condition warning.

These drives adjust the drive voltage (to a curve chosen in setup) with frequency to limit the current through the windings at low speeds, it seems that this error is complaining that the motor is pulling too much current in response to the voltage at that frequency during spin up. That would normally be due to excess torque load but you have no load so that’s concerning.

It’s worth doing the factory reset (PD13=08 I think) and then resetting the drive, take a look at the working params Julien posted. I think your PD144 should be 3,000 not 3,600 but that shouldn’t cause this issue.

You could increase the accelleration time number, but an unloaded spindle shouldn’t do this during spin up anyway and you’re already slower than my drive with a very similar spindle.

You could increase the output current limit further but if you’ve got a fault in the spindle you may end up cooking the drive as well.

This thread has some useful debugging steps too

It’s working and it’s so cool (figuratively and literally)!!! I changed the amps to 8 and went through Julien’s settings one by one. My PD004 was still at the default so I changed that. I also changed the jumper. The pot still doesn’t do anything and when I hit run it quickly makes it’s way to 24000rpm and stays there. My second to next task will be to have it controlled by the ShapeOko controller. My next task is to get my proximity switch wiring cleaned up. Rats nest of wire and electrical tape.

Thanks for everyone’s help. I can’t wait to get creating and carving.

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