VFD PROBLEMS it will not run

My VFD has power it keeps blinking zeros, but will not run. What could be the problem.

Please let us know about this at support@carbide3d.com (assuming it is a Carbide 3D VFD spindle)

I got the vfd to work but it looks like Iā€™m have problems with the bit setter I keep getting a grill alarm 4 come out

Grbl alarm 4 sorry I miss spelled that

Please send us photos showing how the BitSetter is mounted and wired up, as well as photos showing the revision/version stickers on the machine and the control box to support@carbide3d.com

Make sure the ground for the Bit Zero is not touching the Bit Zero. They share the same input and the wrong state on one will effect the other.

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I disconnected the bit zero and tried it. Carbide 3d support said it looks like the front power end plate is no good so they are sending me a new one.