VFD Shot, I think?

I thought I was having spindle issues, so I tested with a known good (new) spindle to make sure. Had the same problem. I have a Huanyang HY01D511B and both 800W and 1.5Kw air-cooled spindles. When I press “RUN” on the VFD, I can can “control” the frequency/speed with the pot on the VFD, and the display reflects correct values (Min 150Hz/9k RPM, up to Max 400Hz/24K RPM). I can hear the spindles trying to spin up, but I get no shaft rotation on either.

My first thought was a wiring issue like I was losing a phase or had the leads reversed or a recessed pin, so I swapped cables. Same result. (Using IGUS Chainflex 16/4).

Next, I checked the output voltage on the VFD.
U-W = 105V
U-V = 105V
V-W = 59V

I’m pretty sure I know what the answer is, but has anyone had any luck fixing one of these things?