VFD Spindle for 230V

Im on SP5 and currently using a Makita compact router.
Intending to change to a VFD Spindler or any other options.

But the place i am at operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz.

Anyone gotten the VFD to work on 230V?
Do i need a convertor or does the PWNCNC 220v spindler works fine?

Usually when a spindle is specified for 220V, it’s the doubled-up, high amperage power such as is used for a welder or over or clothed dryer, not the low amperage 220V of typical household usage in Europe and similar locales.

It may be that the 80mm spindle mount and matching spindle which are in development for the SO5 Pro will have a power supply option suited to European 220V — please check in w/ the folks in Sales who may have some information to share.

FWIW, on one of my machines, I use a 110V–22V step-up transformer so that I can use a Mafell FM 1000 WS.

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