VFD Spindle inoperable

I have a Shapeoko 5 Pro with VFD spindle and have done many products on my rig. Yesterday, the spindle threw me the middle finger and stopped working. Im able to jog it from the spindle controller but not from carbide motion MDI console. I suspect the communication between those 2 devices has been lost. Ive tried everything; disconnecting everything, resetting multiple times, reloading software, re-initilizing multiple times and many other troubleshooting techiques. Ive had the machine for 2 months now, so shouldnt be an issue of wear and tear. Im thinking of purchasing another Shapeoko 5 Pro but now hestitate when my spindle is already down after 2 months or work. Im just trying to win like Carbide3D.

Please send us photos showing how the VFD is wired up and plugged in to support@carbide3d.com and we’ll have someone who is familiar with them look into this with you and work out how it should be handled as soon as is possible.

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