VFD Spindle Kit and vacuum

So far I used a vacuum switch like this one Amazon.com , worked like a charm to switch on the vacuum few seconds after the spindle, and off also 5-6 seconds later.

But: will that work with the VFD spindle kit since the VFD unit itself uses some power already?

Any alternative to switch on the vaccum with the spindle from the CNC machine?

We have used a similar switch in the shop, referenced: Does the Shapeoko Pro controller have extra pins to use as gpio? - #2 by robgrz

No issues with false-triggering of a vacuum while the VFD is idle.

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I have the IVAC Pro set up that I like a lot.

Here is a video explaining how I did it.


Thanks! Excellent video! I ordered the switch and the remote add-on from Amazon, I expect the VFD-spindle next week. If the switch does not handle the idle situation properly I can use this item, if it does I can return it easily. Again Martin: TY!

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