VFD spindle kit in UK

Has anyone in the UK has any success adding the VDF spindle kit to their Shapeoko 4? I would use a 110v to 220v transformer.

I know @Luke is in the UK. He might use a transformer?


I have added an 80mm air cooled 220v spindle kit to my July 2020 Shapeoko 3 standard sized machine. I sent an image of the controller board and six way PWM connector to the supplier (PwnCNC) and they configured the VFD for me. What arrived only had 3 wires for me to connect. The mains outlet was a standard 220v ‘Kettle’ lead which I had to supply (Amazon £4.99) and a PWM connector from the VFD to the Carbide 3D control board along with the spindle power lead from the VFD to the 80mm spindle, which is configured via the VFD for speeds from 0 ~ 24,000RPM.

The external case around the VFD had modbus, PWM and IoT inlet fittings and a manual/auto switch along with a power switch and VFD to controller connecting lead. After connecting the three wires, everything worked immediately in both auto and power modes. It could not have been easier because it was truly pre-configured and plug and play. I also purchased a PwnCNC V7 dustboot kit which is strong, very well designed and fits the spindle and my vacuum hose perfectly.

I paid $975 for the 80mm air cooled spindle kit which is around £761 in Sterling. I also paid around £293 in import duties, VAT and processing fees for UPS delivery. I added the V7 80mm spindle dustboot kit for $130 (£101.48).

My total spend was $1105 (£862.62) plus import duties, VAT and handling fees of £293. My total spend for the PwnCNC air cooled 80mm spindle kit and pre-configured VFD with control cables and V7 dustboot kit was £1155.62 plus £4.99 totalling £1160.91 for the Amazon kettle power lead. A good price for a completely configured 80mm aircooled spindle/VFD and dustboot with an adaptor for my Fein shop vac.

illustrative pix:

PwnCNC 80mm Spindle on Carbide 3D HDZ upgraded Z axis with 80mm HD spindle bracket.

Carbide 3D HDZ upgraded Z axis and 80mm HD spindle mount

Top of PwnCNC 80mm air cooled spindle showing avionics connection.

Home brewed 10mm thick aluminium bracket on spindle for JT Laser

Left side of VFD case showing PWM/Modbus/Run aircraft fitting connections and an IoT connector with manual/auto switch.

Right side of VFD case showing on/off switch, power lead and spindle power lead.

Encased VFD from the front.

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You can use a power transformer - something like this works well with the spindle kit

We can also look to offer DDP shipping to the UK to make things a little simpler.


Thanks, Luke. If I get the transformer this transformer, should I be able to plug this into a regular UK mains plug and be good to go?

I ask this because of this info on the description of the spindle: The VFD controller cannot run on a GFCI (ground fault) outlet

My mains supply is standard with an RCD.

That is a good question. I have a unit here hooked up to an RCD protected socket and it works just fine. But there are a number of different types od RCD in the UK.

Can you get a picutre of your RCD?

This is my RCD - it’s separate (but next to) my consumer unit.

Ok, this is a type A RCD - it’s a little different from that to a GFCI.

I double checked and all my VFD’s all run through a type A RCD with no issues.


Thanks. We’re also looking to buy a few more along with Shapeoko 4’s for 3 makers spaces split across 2 buildings. I’ll check the RCD type for these too.

What is the process for importing to the UK? Do you know what the typical delay is for Customs clearance

Thanks again

Are you registered as a VAT business?

I would be buying as an individual.

Got you. We’re exploring DDP shipping - meaning we handle all VAT and clerances. We add this to the cart prior to payment. If you add all the items to your cart that you want - DM me your email address and I can get VAT added to the cart.

Typically shipping takes around 7 days from the US to the UK.


Thanks. I’ll dm you.

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