VFD Spindle not working

I have a shapeoko 3 with the z upgrade and the vfd spindle. I have been happy with it. Today I turned on the machine and went to start cutting and the spindle did not come on. The machine works otherwise. I upgraded carbide motion. I reset power.
Spindle red light is on. Spindle speed display blinks.
Sending /M3 S10000 or the spindle on/off button on the jog does not do anything.

The machine hadn’t been moved since I used it last.
Here is a clip of what the code is:

What spindle are you running - the official Carbide or a different one?

Have you checked the PWM wire, both at the VFD and at the Carbide board? Are you able to manually turn on the spindle?

its the official spindle.

The way its set up i dont think there is a non software way for the end user to turn the spindle on.
Not sure what the pin out is on the three wires from the controller.

Please let us know about this at support@carbide3d.com and we will do our best to assist.

You might try sending M3 S10000 again and wiggling the PWM wires at the Carbide Motion board and VFD.

Ditto on the VFD Controller crapping out, after 3 months in my case and fortunately, still under warranty.

I sent it back for repairs last week (they received it on 2/23/23), but I haven’t received any status updates, despite my asking C3D support for updates twice in as many days.

I have equipment (Delta Cabinet Unisaw, Delta Shaper, and Delta Drill Press) that were purchased new back in 1986 that have never failed in all those years.

I’m not very impressed with the VFD spindle’s quality, or with C3D’s ability and/or willingness to get my machine back up ASAP.

Not a quality product, IMO.

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