VFD spindle overload, stopped: how to restart?

Due to a design error (no tabs) the router bit got stuck in the stock, spindle stopped. Now I cannot restart it again. Is there a hidden secret breaker I can switch back on or something? Re-start of the router box, the controller did not work. Any help?

You said both VFD and Spindle. Which one do you run?

Spindle, I would reboot VFD.
Router I would check Bit Runner. V2 has a fuse in it that might have blown. I am ordering a new relay for my V1 right now.

Good Luck.

Not sure if they use different VFD units, but mine has a red “Reset” button.

I hoped so… at least I did not find it.

The VFD (variable Frequency Drive) provides the current to run the Spindle, so, probably both.