VFD / Spindle tool changes

First I want to say I LOVE my new VFD and Spindle from Shapepko. I’ve had it for a couple weeks now and finally got the time to actually use it today.

I am posting this here as I think what I’m about to ask resides in CM.

My first use today went pretty good. I did have what I will call a couple hiccups tho and would like to know what I can do to correct this.

The issue I had was that on a couple of bit changes the VFD did not shutdown the spindle ( most of the bit changes the VFD turned the RPM off correctly), it did everything else correctly. I had to manually press the button on the VFD to shut it off so I could change the bit, use bitsetter and then turn it back on.

Is there something I should look for to correct this ?

I do love the VFD and spindle tho, quite as can be!! Well worth the money.

What CAD/CAM software are you using? What post-processor?

Could you post the source file and the generated G-code?

Using CC and CM. Spindle was choosen in CM

Are you looking for the .c2d file?

Which post-processor did you use?

Edit | Select Post-processor

Yes, for Carbide Create a .c2d file would be fine.

Notre Dame small.c2d (328 KB)

That should be correct — we’ll do our best to have someone w/ a spindle look into this.

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Do I need to submit a ticket to CC3D? I’ve not made any other cuts yet, to busy with the day job sadly I suppose, to see if it happens again.

Submitting a ticket at support@carbide3d.com would be best, yes.

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Thank you, I’m going to run one more cut and see what happens before I do that.

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