VFD turning off in the middle of a job


I am having issues with either the spindle not turning on when I start a job or it powering off in the middle of a job. If I run the test through the MDI it powers on and off fine. Using carbide create for the file to run in carbide motion. machine is a pro XXL with a hdz if that matters any.

Can you watch the display on the VFD when this occurs? Does it ERRor? Do the numbers look consistent (depending on what you are displaying, V, A, Hz?)

My first bet would be a loose cable between the board & VFD, or maybe between the VFD & spindle.

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Send M3S12000 through the MDI screen in CM then gently wiggle the wires where the VFD connects to the Shapeoko PC board. Does the spindle cut out and VFD display change?

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