Vibration mat thickness

I am setting up my work area and hope to unbox my Nomad by this weekend (yay!). I want to pick up an anti-vibration mat like so but wasn’t sure about thickness .2 or .4. Since I don’t know exactly how it works wasn’t sure if thicker was better or might ‘wobble’ (i.e. like a taller building)

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Don’t have much experience there. I used a tool liner mat. Fairly thin, but you don’t need much to isolate vibrations. I think Will Adams mentioned he used an old yoga mat, which was a really great idea.

I don’t think you need to go too thick.


I think the thinner mat will be fine — I use an even thinner section from a yoga mat as @Radiation mentioned — it deadens some of the sound and prevents reflection off the table surface. I agree that the thicker mat might result in more wobble.


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