Video on “Drag Engraving + Rub ’n’ Buff”

@KevBarn14 worked up this video, but is apparently too shy to share it here:


I saw that very nice video. The part of using dull bits was most interesting to me. I have been using Rub and Buff on projects for a while.

I saw this yesterday and thought I might give it a try… I have a few ideas.
It was unpleasant surprise to find Rub’n’Buff over here is about twice the price you found it for :frowning:
I’m still going to give it a try, thanks!

A little Rub and Buff goes a long way. So even with a higher price it is overall a good value because it takes so little. If you use it do not over do the coats. You can let it dry and put a second or third coat on to get good coverage. On projects where you just want it on the high spots use a smooth cloth and not something with a lot of texture. The smooth cloth tightly wound around your finger gives you good control. A rough towel will get the paint in the cracks where you may not want it. So use a light touch and make multiple coats to get the best results. With all things MODERATION. Also do not load up your cloth with too much. Excess paint will smear into cracks.


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