Viewing G code in Carbide Create

I made a file in carbide create and forgot to save the c2d file. All I did was save the G code. Is there a way to view the G code in carbide create to double check my parameters before I cut?


Many of us here can read off the information for you. Post the NC file, list your questions and maybe we can help you.

OR Remake the part in CC, and this time save it…

As @RichCournoyer noted, y ou can easily review the G-Code in a text editor β€” use to look up the codes. There are comments which may be helpful as well.

It can also be useful to review files in a 3rd party previewer such as CAMotics.

You can use a 3rd party tool such as Ripper from Scorchworks to extract the geometry of the cut from the G-Code file and get a file (with polylines) which one can re-load into Carbide Create.


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