Viewing/Setting current zero position

Is there a way to view the current xyz zero positions? And then is there a way to manually set them?

I ran $$ and copied the log output. Then I changed my zero position and ran $$. To my surprise the output was the same… I expected some variable in there to be the zero position. I found some Gcode references on online and there was no mention of a zero variable. So… maybe I’m misunderstanding how zero is computed/stored in GRBL

What I would like to do – call me crazy – is set up 4 home positions on my wasteboard and be able to quickly change from 1 zero to the next. Think multiple epoxy pours… Cut, pour 1. Move to other home. Cut pour… move to next home, cut, pour, rinse repeat.

Now that I type this out… I realize the “right” approach is to probably have 1 zero and have 1 file that has the 4 objects in that file in the four quadrants of my wasteboard. That way I’m not moving the home, the pieces, etc.

But… I’m curious now what the answer to my question is.


Click on the heading and you can change the display from the current local coordinate system to machine coordinates and back.

I use the Rapid Position points as the origin for fixtures when possible.


And see my recent post here.


I tried that & see all zeros. ?? Yet I can rapid to my last set WCS, and tool length is compensated.
CM is tracking the offsets & TLO instead of letting GRBL do it?

Been a while since I used CM, but it used to clear all offsets on initialization and store that on your computer somewhere rather than just let the controller do it. I don’t know why.
It must re-establish that offset of you use the same one for a job. But I really don’t know when it comes to Carbide Motion. I never understood why they did those things. GRBL was designed so UIs could send and report machine information. Not sure the need to reinvent it.