Vise and Flip Jig

Selling my vise and flip jig. The vise I have used a few times but the flip jig, never. Upgrading my work-holding game and have no need for these now. The vise got lightly milled on as you can see in the picture but is in perfect order otherwise. I’d like:

Vise $65
Flip Jig $85

Will add shipping once I know where its going. Can ship anywhere and any way you’d like.

I’m interested in buying both at your asking price. Would you be willing to list it on ebay with a buy it now at your asking price and I’ll purchase it there?

I’d rather sell you direct as I will be saving on listing fees and eBay fees after the sale. I can invoice you via Paypal or you can pay me via Venmo if you like. I know you don’t know me and I’m asking you to pay me and trust me. Is that the issue?. I understand if it is. No hurt feelings.

Yeah, that’s the issue. I’d like to have the buyer protections that ebay provides.

Understood. I’d like to give it a little bit more time here. Give me a couple of days.

Don’t know the seller personally, just through this forum. He’s been around a while and seems a decent guy. I’d buy from him without a second thought.


Thank you for the vote of confidence and trust @tito Much appreciated.

Doesn’t PayPal give you buyer protection? Unless you send money as “gift” I believe it does.



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