Visible toolpaths when using Layers in Carbide Create Pro

When I use the layers feature, the tool paths still show up for hidden vectors when I’m in the Toolpaths tab. Why is that? And is it changeable? A lot of times it would be much easier to inspect my project if it was possible to visually suppress both the vector line and the toolpath.

Hiding a Layer does not disable any toolpaths on that layer. You have to do that separately.

In the Toolpaths tab, you can right-click on any toolpath, one of the options will be Disable / Enable. You can also do the same on a Toolpath Group, which operates on all toolpaths in that group.

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Thanks. I’m familiar with the disable feature in toolpaths. What I was hoping for was a way to hide upper toolpaths without changing the part simulation view. During troubleshooting, I can’t tell what my deeper toolpath looks like on the last cuting operations under the myriad of green/red lines unless I disable the overlapping toolpaths, but unfortunately that also changes the representation of the final part.

OK, so what you would like is more fine-grained control of which toolpaths are visualized? Like, the toolpath is still enabled, but the path of the tool is omitted on a toolpath-by-toolpath basis, rather than all-or-nothing?

You could re-categorize this post as a Feature Request, the devs may add it to the list of things to consider.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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