Visual Chronicles of a Nomadman

(Vince) #1

Nomad Pro883
Step 1 - find a good road and let her rip!
Baseline testing 6061 with 0.125 2 flute straight and ball.


(Phil Gorsuch) #2

And the mods begin - heat Sink on the spindle motor.


(Dan Nelson) #3

Very cool Mr. Vince! About how long did it take to run that on the Nomad?



(Vince) #4

Just saw an opportunity to use a heatsink I had machined on the Bantam. In a few words, I’m not comfortable with things that are uncomfortable to the touch. Plus I have researched the Nomad section and have seen that was a common upgrade. At the cost of a single zip tie and probably 20-30 degrees difference I’ll take it!

@DanoInTx thanks! It took a little over 2 hours with a face, adaptive rough and ball finish. I have speeds and feeds if you guys want and it is interesting the difference in machining compared ti the shapeoko platform.


(Dan Nelson) #5

2 hours actually isn’t bad, better than I’d thought actually. I’ve always had this picture in my mind of running a Nomad as similar to when I’ve used a tiny Mighty Might Dremel to hand carve when my larger Dremel bit the dust (no pun intended). Really cool!


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(Vince) #6

Funny enough, it seems to like a lot more tool pressure to keep chatter under wraps. I’m loving the tq and it does change things.

Anyway. It’s pretty dang accurate…but I’m not a fan of the limit switches.