Visualizer works in "Platform UGS" but blank in "Classic"

I’ve updated to 1.1 and am trying out UGS 2.0 Classic and Platform versions. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to Platform because I can never seem to move the various windows into a position I like. Anyway… that’s an issue of preferences.

If I open a file in Platform and select the Visualizer all is well. However, opening a file in Classic and then opening the Visualizer presents me with a Visualizer window, but it is just a blank, empty window with a Title Bar.

I’ve launched Classic from an Icon on the Desktop containing the “Executable Jar File (.jar)” file and the Command Line and the results are the same.

Anyone else run across this???


Classic doesn’t get the attention platform does, so I’m not super surprised it’s got issues. The nightlies do have a fair number of changes.

Hey Mike,

Thanks for the note. I just posted the issue with Github. Hopefully I’ll get some feedback there.

Platform is driving me nuts. Tonight I loaded a file and checked the Visualizer. It displayed an accurate rendering. I then opened a new file and the visualizer showed me a blank window like the one from Classic. Go figure.

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