Wall/Vertical Mount for a 5pro?

I know there was a thread back in 2022 on vertical mounting a S3. The consensus was that the belt drive might not be up to it (requiring a counterweight) and/or the de-energized steppers wouldn’t be able to hold the weight when the machine was off. Given the migration to ball screws in the S5, has anyone mounted their 5Pro vertically? I know ‘the other guys’ have a wall mount kit, but I really don’t want to go that direction I have limited floor space and was curious if this was a viable option.

Thanks in advance


It’s not something which we recommend/support, but might be workable.

Concerns include:

  • difficulty on loading stock
  • difficulties in keeping things lubricated

The recommended approach is to use a hoist to lift the machine up to the ceiling for storage, then lower it down at need onto a suitable table/stand.


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