Wallet in Aluminium & Resin

The aluminium was machined on the Shapeoko (thanks @wmoy for the feeds and speeds), the sides are custom-colored 3D printed resin. Usually resin is brittle and cracks easily but this tough resin can stand up to lots of abuse.

Screw treads are tapped manually but I recently acquired an M2 threadmill so I will be reworking the CAM to use that. Will share the results once I have them. The sliding mechanism is machined into the aluminium which was quite a challenge that lead me down a path of tuning my machine for good accuracy.

The battered look results from using this for several months to test how it stands up to everyday use. The scuffs are patches where the anodizing (done at home) wore through from contact with keys in my pocket.


I see the slide, how does the inside function? That looks like a fun build.

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