Want to help me with a small project?

Hey guys,
I am starting a new side project for my farm that makes use of small enclosures. These require an interior panel with cutouts…one that I think the Shapeoko would do a great job at cutting. I am planning to buy one at some point, but have immediate need of these panels. Anyone with experience cutting aluminum interested in a little side work? The aluminum would be 1/16" and I can supply the dimensions for the cutouts. I would like a copy of the files you create in Carbide Create so that I can cut my own at some point. In the meantime, I would rely on you to cut these for me as required. I would only need a few at first and then that number would increase over the first few months. Let me know if interested. Here is a pic of one in a unit that I handcut. You can see the exterior has the cut corners, then the interior display and then the 8 holes for bolts. Shoot me a message/email with an estimate/questions and let’s do business!

Shawn, I’m sorry but I don’t use CC nor do I have a Shapeoko. But I am intrigued by the mantis logo. For what is the device used?


If no one else is able to help, drop me a pm and I’ll be glad to help.

Sample of my aluminum work.


I haven’t released any info to the public just yet…but will soon. I am a farmer by day…so I can tell you it is related to agriculture! :slight_smile:

Thanks William. I am working with someone else…but will keep you in mind if needed. Thanks for responding!