Wanted Used Shapeoko XXL North Carolina Area

I have a shapeoko 3 and need to move up to larger size machine. I should have bought a new one on Black Friday from the actual Shapeoko store, but such is life.

I am in North Carolina and can drive a bit for solid machine that is well priced. If you have a machine that you are interested in selling, please send me a private message as I can travel this week and have cash and know the machines already from my shapeoko 3 ownership.

Thank you in advance Scott.

I have a xxl shapeoko with very few hours on it. Makita router with reality 3d lighted dust pickup and xy edge finder. I am asking $1500. I am in Chesterfield, SC. My cell is [EDITED OUT, PM for number].


Hi George,

I edited out your phone number from the reply, for your own good :slight_smile:
Scott can still reach out to you with a private message.


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