Warranty and mods

Not being a US resident, I’m asking myself what exactly voids warranty under US law.

  1. replacing the spindle
  2. replacing the bed
  3. an enclosure
  4. extending the x/y/z wires, no modification to existing wires
  5. 3rd party attachments: dust boot
  6. 3rd party attachments: laser unit
  7. 3rd party attachments: chip blower screwed to the Spindel backplate
  8. attaching something to the beams
  9. replacing the wires with shielded ones
  10. adding a second cable chain
  11. using a XL Spindel mount on a XXL
  12. changes to the recommended cable routing

How long is the machine under warranty? What’s the US sales act?

I would appreciate if you could enlighten me :slight_smile:

Thanks Michael


usually warranty claims go through support — the usual thing there is that the customer is asked to restore the machine to the original configuration (for support purposes) and support is done on that basis, so as long as something is reversible, it’s not a big deal.

Any official Carbide 3D parts on pretty much any machine should be okay (we sell most of them in the shop as upgrades).

That said, a problem obviously caused by some 3rd party modification is another matter (the big blob of steel which had partly melted away part of the V rail comes to mind), then no, that’s not covered.

Under US law (page 6 of this PDF, emphasis mine):

The performance of the duties under subsection (a) of this section shall not be required of the warrantor if he can show that the defect, malfunction, or failure of any warranted consumer product to conform with a written warranty, was caused by damage (not resulting from defect or malfunction) while in the possession of the consumer, or unreasonable use (including failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance).

More limited quote: “[…] failure […] was caused by damage […] or unreasonable use”

So Carbide 3D would have to show that your modifications were responsible for the fault you’ve asked them to repair. If you add a dust boot but one of the machine’s extrusions spontaneously combusts, they can’t just say “sorry, you used a third-party accessory, tough luck”.

If, on the other hand, your wire extension goes bad and fries the Carbide Motion PCB, they can absolutely refuse your warranty claim.

Thank you @WillAdams and @Moded1952 for the satisfying and comprehensive answer.