Was in over my head....maybe still am!

Finally got back to getting my coins finished. Was stuck in Texas for 3 weeks with a broke truck and no parts…but that’s another story.

Finished and delivered the 40 coins to the people who went with my family to Israel last month. Could not have even gotten this far without the GREAT help of Kevin Barnett!! He walked me through a lot of ways to do things and while I had to resort to just using the MCetcher due to time, I certainly would not have even been that far along without his help!

Nothing great, but here are pics of the front and back. The etching is quite readable in person, but the pics not so much.

Lot of fun doing and learning. THANKS for everything you do Carbide3D. You guys are ALL great.


In my experience, items like these are immediately seen as wonderful reminders of time well spent. Stature grows from there.
Never be hard on yourself when producing gifts from the heart.


Sounds like another country song :smiley:

Happy to hear you got it all worked out. Nice work!

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Thanks for all the nice words.

One thing I really learned is that while dreams of grandeur are great to have, learning to crawl, walk, jog and run take time and patience. While I want to do ALL the great things I see on this forum, they don’t just happen overnight by adding a CNC machine. Small steps really help get you there.

Then again there is the old saying: Please give me patience and give it to me now! :pleading_face:


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