Was the probe released already?

How fast will the robot move? Im assuming its slowed down for testing.

Looks great! I would automate the door to save robot movement. I haven’t ordered a probe unit yet, but I plan to in the near future. I’m hoping to put it on my XL.

9/10. Doors could look more TARDIS like.

I’ve got an air cylinder sitting in from the of machine waiting to be added to the door. I just need to get a bracket worked out.

@Stevesky- The speed is the default. It can go faster but then you have to worry about someone getting hit by it. The door open and close are slowed down for reliability but that’ll be replaced by pneumatics at some point.

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Plus two limit switches, but I’m probably stating the obvious.

I’ve raised this with the rest of the team and we’ll do our best to ensure that everyone who missed out on the last round of probes gets one, including you.

Awesome, can’t wait - Thanks

This would very ideal!! I mean I already bought a nomad and a shapeoko xxl and tons of bits and stuff and I am sick of waiting on this…

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