Waste board carbide file

I have had my S3 machine for a few months. Long enough to mess up the waste board I made first. Now I want to make another one so downloaded the file from Carbide. Except for deleting two of the holes nothing else seemed to need attention. When I ran the program S3 behaved oddly. It made the holes with three plunges to the bottom of the board. Before each plunge it moved the centre a micro amount. The hole was only 1/4".
I stopped after 2 holes. ??

I tried to upload a printscreen off my computer showing the toolpath but it reckons the job will take 4hrs plus.

That file predates the Z-Plus which is limited in how deeply it can move/cut.

Some folks have found a three-layered system a good approach:

  • bottom: original MDF baseplate (sealed with spar urethane or lacquer) with some holes and threaded inserts installed from underneath for adding threaded inserts to secure
  • middle: a threaded insert board larger than the working area by the reach of a clamp which has holes in that border area which match up with the threaded insert holes in the bottom layer to secure it, a grid of holes in the working area field for threaded inserts installed for workholding, and additional holes with threaded inserts to secure — discussion of bootstrapping this at: Notes on rapid positions and wasteboard leveling
  • top: a spoilboard the size of the supported working area plus the diameter of the endmill used for surfacing along X, and endmill radius along Y, (with a matching radius at the back corner) which has holes in it to match the threaded insert board for workholding purposes (these may be drilled at need) and holes to secure it to the threaded insert middle layer

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