Waste Board Trimming Program

Evening all, by any chance is there a trimming program for the shapeoko 3? I’m hoping to use one with my new 1" bottom cleaning bit to level out the work surface. I could make one up, but I figure there is probably one out there?

Draw a rectangle and make it into a pocket at 0.1 mm depth.

Run repeatedly lowering as needed.

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Does anyone have a picture of “tramming pockets” on their waste/spoil-boards?
I’d like to see your results.

So use carbide create? Should I make the square the same size as the maximum cutting size?

@jimidi Winston may have a video: https://www.youtube.com/user/krayvis

@Luke Yes and yes.


Two things to watch out here.

  1. If you are new at CNC, DRY RUN your waste board program with either no cutter (preferred) While I wasn’t new at programming, I was new with Carbide Create and was cutting too close to the machine limits. When that happens the program just stops, no error message, just stops. (without limit switches) So I was not able to cut to close at X0, and I think I changed the program to stay 1/8" (6mm) away.

  2. You will probably be close to the 80mm stroke of your Z Axis, so understand where the bottom of your Z stroke is and adjust the cutter so the machine does not error.


Would be nice if this was just a special function of carbide motion - everyone really needs to do this, and explaining to new people is hard when they’re just getting started. All CM would need to ask you for is the width of the square bit you happen to be using.