Wasteboard Confusion

Hey all,
I’ve been using my SO3 XXL for about a year now and my waste board when surfaced has given me a 765mm x 765mm work area. I’m seeing a lot of people and files for ones that are 825 x 775mm.
am I missing something here? I want to stay within the front frame rail.
I was planning on replacing my waste board with a 900mm x 900mm piece of MDF and just making a surfacing file for the full size and seeing where it stops or is this a bad idea?
Any assistance would be appreciated.
Thanks again,

I think mine is around 788mm x 788mm. Or about 31”x31”. This allows for extensions and the use of my Z independent dust collection option.

The available travel will be dependent on the Z axis you’re using, dust collection apparatus if you’re using one ect. The maximum area you can surface will also depend on the size tool you’re using, if you’re using a 1” tool, you can surface .5” beyond max travel. That doesn’t allow for any pass extension.

I would jog the machine, find your travel limits, and make a work surface that fits your envelope and requirements.


Cheers for the response. Your last suggestion was on my mind. I’m surfacing with a 1 1/8" bit so will cut past the max but I’ll pop in a 30v to find the boundary and go from there :+1::+1:

I made this doc a while back and posted it. I discuss the considerations for making a spoilboard for a Shapeoko 3, XL and XXL. The basic idea is how to optimize the size so you can flatten the whole spoilboard without leaving a ridge at the back or sides.

spoilboard_considerations.pdf (1.3 MB)


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