Wasteboard leveling

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I am trying to level my wasteboard using a 3/4 in plunge bit at 2in per min plunge rate but it just jumps up from the board about a 1/8in.
Please need advise on leveling my wasteboard (XXL 3)
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To tram the wasteboard, esp. w/ a bit that large, you want to take a lot of light skim coats — probably the first pass will only cut one place, or at most a few small areas — incrementally lower it until you get an even cut across the entire surface.

Wiki link here: Shapeoko CNC Router, Rigid, Accurate, Reliable, and Affordable

Note that it says:

start with .1 mm passes to surface the spoilboard

What William says and please make sure that you are not at the bottom of your 80 millimeter Z stroke limit.

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