Water cooled spindle pump?

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I was wondering if anyone has a water Pump that they would recommend for a water cooled spindle. I already have the spindle and the inverter it is a 1500 W spindle. I’ve seen some gaming PC parts and pumps used but the gaming PC pumps are very small and expensive if you want to powerful one.

I was looking at some submergible pump’s but those kind of make me worried as I’m running 120 V into a box that is just sitting in water. I was probably going to look at just a regular old non-submergible pump.

I’ve seen a few small mini ones that one for 12 V and some that run off of 120 V that are reasonably sized. I’m just looking for something that will get the job done and is less than $100. I would prefer 120 V one so I could just plug it right into my wall, no need for any 12 V DC power supplies.

Did anyone send me a link to a pump that they would recommend?

CW-3000 Chiller adventures - this is what we would recommend. I have messed around with almost every setup you see in the wild and this robust and affordable. It’s a little bigger than I’d like but every setup takes space one way or another…


I bought this pump for $30.00 in mid 2018 and it has been just fine so far. I put one of these in the line where I can easily see it just in case the pump gives out. I am also running a 1.5kw spindle.

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I’m using a computer liquid cooling D5 pump from Alphacool which gives me a much better flow rate and head, better than any submersible water pump.

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Yep, lower flow volume and higher head makes a pump much better suited to the 2-3 litres per minute flow through the spindle, the big fountain and pond pumps are basically stalled at this flow and just not designed to do it.

I’ve no worries about 120V in a submersible and I’d take that over the water leaks on an external, I’ve had Eheim pumps submerged in my fish tank for 20 years, if you’re concerned, put the whole setup on a ground fault (residual current) breaker.

I got one of these little 12V units which is a better flow / head fit to the requirement than the fountain pump in the spindle kits, but only because the pump that came with my spindle started making bad noises. No idea how long it will last but it’s very cheap.

Like Luke says, you’ll end up having to sort a tank and things anyway and the CW 3000 is a tidy little package.


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