Water vs Air Cooled Spindle

Looking for some opinions on air vs water cooled spindles. I’ve used air cooled to date, looking at a water cooled.

What issues have you all had with water-cooled spindles? Any problems with leaks? Any maintenance pains?

Other than noise, I can’t really see a benefit to water vs air - thoughts?

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I have a 1.5kW air cooled spindle and have no issues at all with it. As far as I can tell the main reason to go water cooled is the reduction in noise compared to the air cooled version

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For me the main benefit is the noise. They are allot quieter. I also believe you can run water cooled spindles allot slower than air cooled.

Ive had water cooled for quite a while now and not done any maintenance.

Just thought this was worth posting.

I was getting some pretty sh*ty results and snapping bits with no explanation. After investigating further I found out my water pump had died. No explanation or reason just dead.

Hopefully the spindle is fine.