Watercooled spindle for sale

Hey guys,

I have another leftover piece from my shapeoko build.
I bought the MYSWEETY (this name, lol) kit on Amazon, but I ended up using a different spindle and got a CW-3000 chiller too so I have this thing laying around.

Spindle+mount+waterpump+dustshoe thingy+connectoor+extra connector

The spindle itself is Zhong Hua Jiang 110V 1.5kW. This was the only 1.5kW model I could find with a 65mm body so it fits in the shapeoko mount without any modification.

The spindle was taken apart to connect the earth wire, but I gave up and used another one. It probably needs a bit of sealant to make sure it’s still waterproof. Please see this thread for pics and description. https://community.carbide3d.com/t/chinese-spindle-disassembly/
It was turned on once, run fine, never cut anything.

Selling on ebay for $120 + shipping (17$ UPS Ground or free local pickup in Round Rock, TX)
If you’re interested send me a pm and I’ll reply with the link.