Wax mold for resin casting

Only had my Nomad for 2 days, but it’s more fun than I can stand.

Also never made rubber molds and resin casts… so milled out a gear for my 3D printer in wax on the Nomad, and presto-magico, out pops a pretty yellow gear. Awesomeness ensues… I may need medication when my vice and flip-jig arrive :smile:




Nice! Did you have to generate the gear yourself (Gearotic, WoodGears, etc), or was it a downloadable file?

Looks like you cut the gear model into the wax, then made a silicone negative, then poured a “hard” plastic into the silicone mold. Did I guess right? :smile:

Looks like pretty fine resolution in the teeth. What size cutter did you use for the fine pass?

Flippin’ awesome! when you have your jig it’ll be DOUBLE FLIPPIN awesome X-D.

Ya, well I couldn’t wait so I fab’d a quick jig and started to make a version out of 6061 aluminum.
Also, I wanted to test end-to-end creating a model in Fusion 360 from scratch, then using the CAM function and driving Carbide motion directly. It works perfectly and the toolpath control for this type of 2.5D object is really awesome - very efficient toolpaths, and easy to tweak.

Center complete, now just have to mount that and mill the outer edges…


Could you use the fly cutter you have to create a nice finish without taking off much, say .002"?