We let Winston out and look what happened

Thanks for all who joined us (Winston) on the previous live-stream (I’m sure it made his week). The amount of people who joined was great and it certainly shows there is appetite for these sessions. We will keep them going!

Following on we took away quite allot of feedback and want to add a little more structure…

With many of you at home or working remotely we have a LUNCHTIME SPECIAL THIS FRIDAY 1:30 PM PST which @wmoy will be hosing… a Coronavirus special…

Winston will be delving into Carbide Create and Fusion 360 to look and contrast how each program can be used to make a Quarantine sign…

If you can make a quick vote so we know how many to expect…

  • Sign me up
  • I can’t make it :frowning:

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If you have any requests for specifics please post them below.

Oh, I’m looking forward to this! Going to see who else at the shop wants to join in.

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Get Amazon to send Winston some throat lozenges!

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Can Winston sing something while the machine is cutting?


Sorry, wifi is too weak in the garage to host a Shapeoko Sing-a-long.


I was hoping you could do a rendition of this is my tea pot short and stout


It would be nice if Winston could mention some Create Pro options when comparing the two.

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Where exactly do we go to ‘log in’ to the session?

How do I attend the session? Your link gets me a license file, but not the session with Winston.


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